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Are you looking for a way to stay toned and lose weight? Pilates is for Everyone and Sergey's Pilates can help. Our Pilates studio hosts several different group exercise classes, so you can get fit and make new friends at the same time. No Memberships are ever needed.

Are you looking to improve your range of motion after an injury? In addition to Pilates classes, we also offer private physical therapy services. You can get the help you need from a trained physical therapist.

If you're struggling to meet your weight loss goals, consider turning to a nutritionist. We offer nutritionist services through our studio. You'll be able to form a diet plan that fits your needs.

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No Membership Needed

It's hard to hold yourself accountable when it comes to sticking to weight loss and fitness goals. That's why it's a good idea to participate in a group exercise class. With our group Pilates classes, you'll be encouraged to follow the schedule and honor a routine.

Want to attend Pilates classes without a bunch of strangers? You can sign up for one of our private Pilates classes. With these private classes, you'll get to:

  • Exercise one-on-one with an instructor
  • Stick to a schedule that works for you
  • Have an instructor hold you accountable

Call 518-221-7856 now to register for a group exercise class in Albany, NY.

What makes Sergey's Pilates right for you?

Pilates is for everyone. It's a good, intense workout that's easy on your joints and other vulnerable areas of your body.

Our approach is education-first. We'll teach you how to exercise in a way that is good for your muscles. We are devoted to creating a positive atmosphere and helping participants feel more youthful. Pilates is great for all ages. It's also a great physical therapy tool. You'll work out the knots in your muscles and improve your mobility.

Reach out to us now to learn more about our classes. We start with an onboarding time and consultation. Then, we offer you beginner frames to join. Once you've done a few classes and feel acclimated to this kind of workout, you can do other classes.